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Your Reliable Custom Pediatric Herbal Medicines China Manufacturer

● Pure botanical medicine preparations.
● Household regular medicines,Pediatric drugs with relatively moderate effect.
● Reliable source of raw materials.
● Guizhou Bailing brand provide high-quality medicinal material resources, super production capacity.

Pediatric Herbal Medicines Series

Guizhou Bailing provides Pediatric Herbal Medicines has actions to promote sweating, release the exterior, clear the interior and reduce fever.

Products Categories
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Early stage of cold Applications

Early Stage of Cold Applications

Applicable to children with red tongue, white tongue coating, and cold hands and feet.

Early stages of influenza Applications

Early Stages of Influenza Applications

Applicable to early stages of influenza.

Early upper respiratory tract infection Applications

Early Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Applications

Applicable to early upper respiratory tract infection.

Early stage of other pediatric rash diseases Applications

Early Stage of Other Pediatric Rash Diseases Applications

Applicable to early stage of other pediatric rash diseases.


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